'Minerals are the basic spark-plugs to the 

chemistry of life!'  

They are the catalysts to having the body's 'battery' charged and keeping it running from a cellular to a systemic level.

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What does nutritional and mineral balancing do?
Food is life. It supplies us with micro-nutrients including vitamins and minerals, many of which are essential to life. They each serve vital functions in the cell and body tissues, and as they cannot be synthesized by the body (except for Vitamin (hormone) D) they must be obtained through our diet. They are so essential that they are what drives our DNA metabolic pathways, DNA synthesis and repair, and gene expression.
Minerals interact with each other and usually have an effect on at least two other minerals, which in turn will react with two others and so forth. Therefore, any nutrient deficiency, or dysregulation in the mineral inter-relationships has the power to disrupt any number of metabolic functions, and disrupting  genomic integrity leading to DNA damage, certain types of cancers, and an ultimate compromise in homeostasis causing chronic disease. << This is the link between nutrition and disease, and ensuring you get the right nutrition and the right balance of minerals is therefore essential for good health.

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How do we become deficient and/or have mineral dysregulation?
Great question! There are a multitude of ways that this can occur. We know that modern intensive agricultural methods have caused the soils we grow our food in to become depleted, and with each successive generation of 'fast-growing, pest-resistant' fruits and vegetables we get less nutrition than the one before. Add to this the rise in fortified foods, fad diets that eliminate essential food groups, taking supplements with insufficient knowledge about their impact on the body, multivitamin use, drugs, medications, alcohol, and stress - all of which deplete minerals, and we have a recipe for disaster.
The current healthcare climate has a strong emphasis on pharmaceutical medications as being the only claim to scientific "truth" when it comes to treatment of disease. It neglects the biochemical origins of the malfunctioning of body processes that lead to disease, so these drugs do not address the root cause but rather serve to create a 'band-aid' for the condition. In doing so, our minerals become even further depleted and we become dis-empowered from taking more personal responsibility and control over our health and lives in general. By addressing nutrient imbalances, we are able to activate our body's innate ability to heal itself, leading to improved health and ultimately achieving a better quality of life.