About me

Dale Morley


  • Massage Therapist (Remedial, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy)

  • Dip. Health Science - Nutritional Medicine (ACNT)

  • Root Cause Protocol Consultant & Interpretation/Analysis of Hair Tissue Mineral tests (Copernican Institute of Mineral Metabolism)

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Current Services Provided

  • Health, wellness, and nutrition coaching: assess and evaluate your current health status, identification of your health goals, and work collaboratively to engage, influence, and implement decisions and actions that have you working towards these goals. 

  • HTMA analysis and interpretation: gain a comprehensive picture into your body's metabolic stress pattern (often in conjunction with blood mineral test analysis) for the purpose of nutritional and mineral balancing.

  • Root Cause Protocol Consultant: educator and guide in understanding and implementing the Root Cause Protocol.

My story....

As someone who has had their own health struggles, I understand the challenges that come when your symptoms start screaming so loud that they drown out everything else in your life.


My symptoms started in late 2012 and began with me feeling generally ‘unwell’. Over the next few months, this escalated to experiencing symptoms such as low energy (eventually lead to chronic fatigue), poor concentration & brain fog, headaches, gut/digestive issues, skin problems, sleep issues, night sweats, heart palpitations, all over muscle pains, weird body sensations, constantly swollen glands, thyroid imbalance, the development of food sensitivities and histamine reactions, and electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity (EHS). Every week there seemed to be some new symptom. I was a total wreck and struggling to function.


I saw doctor after doctor for the next 2 years and all their tests were coming up ‘normal’. On paper and according to medical opinion I was ‘perfectly healthy’, but in reality, I was anything but.


I later tested positive for a Borellia infection (otherwise commonly known as 'Lyme Disease'), and as this is not a recognized condition in Australia, knowing what to do and how to treat it became my personal mission.


My intuition told me to focus on 'strengthening my immune system' and my research and investigations ultimately lead me to a mineral balancing protocol called the ‘Root Cause Protocol’ (RCP) by Morley Robbins. The RCP focuses on the restoration and balancing of minerals through wholefoods and wholefoods-based supplemental adjustments.

By following this natural method of addressing the body's biochemistry, I have treated the root cause of my symptoms. This has meant I have activated my body's own innate ability to heal itself and I am not reliant on medications that just 'manage the symptoms' (and can further deplete minerals). My health has been restored by embracing a new way of living that ensures I am giving my body what it needs by way of the right nutrition (a.k.a. vitamins and minerals). 


The root cause of all symptoms begins with mineral dysregulation, and through correcting this, improvements can be made regardless of the 'label' your symptoms have been given. 

My journey to healing ignited my passion for health and so I began formal studies in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) in 2016, and then more specifically in mineral balancing (as a Root Cause Protocol Consultant). I have since developed a true desire to help others improve their own health, and ultimately achieve a better quality of life. 

Being part of the extensive online RCP COMMUNITY of people who have benefited from this protocol allowed me to see first-hand just how powerful getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals is for health restoration. Also see the numerous testimonials by others who have also benefited from the RCP.


I now specialize in lifestyle~, nutritional~, blood mineral~, and hair tissue mineral~ analysis which allows me to gain a comprehensive picture into the body's stress pattern which is essential to understanding the pathway to health. 

Whilst the journey back to health hasn't been easy, I am grateful for what the experience has brought me in that it was the conduit for me to embrace my current role as a passionate health facilitator and coach. The insight, knowledge, and empathic understanding I have acquired enables me to empower other by instilling in them a sense of hope, self-control, and self-determination over their own health.

Last words......


One of the most powerful messages I have learned and what I wish to share with you, is this…. 

"Our body's ability to heal is greater than anybody has permitted you to believe"

We just have to give it the right conditions!
I look forward to sharing this information with you and being a part of your journey back to optimum health.
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