Copper "Toxicity" & Mental Health

Copper is a mineral I never really gave much thought to previously, and I definitely didn’t realize its importance. Even though we don’t have too much of it in the body, a little bit goes a loooooong way! Let me explain….

Understanding that the mineral IRON is the most destructive mineral to the human body, COPPER is what helps keep iron 'in check', so from that standpoint, it’s pretty damn important.

A person can also be both copper deficient AND copper "toxic" (excess/unbound) at the same time - both states individually and the combination of both can be very problematic. How this happens is that the copper is getting stored in body tissues where it doesn't belong - typically in the liver, & in the brain which can affect psychological functioning e.g. hyperactivity, concentration & memory problems, schizophrenia, depression (including post-partum), anxiety & panic attacks.

On a physical level, excess/unbound copper is associated to fatigue (& chronic fatigue), exhaustion,

constipation, cold hands & feet, a weakened immune system, a susceptibility to viral & yeast infections, and hypothyroidism - which brings a whole new load of problems. Sound like anybody you know???

Excess/unbound copper in the body will push out zinc, magnesium & potassium – again, bringing yet more problems, promoting inflammation, and a tendency to shift the body into a permanent state of "flight or fight" (whether you are aware of it or not).

What does this have to do with the epidemic of mental health problems? Stick with me because this is about to get super interesting!

Excess copper is CUMULATIVE. Pregnant women (YOUR mother, or YOU as a mother) downloads minerals to your babies in the weeks before birth and some of this excess will find its way into the placenta & fetus!!!! The child is then born with an excess of copper & a susceptibility to absorb more of it throughout their lifespan. They can subsequently develop a zinc deficiency leading to a weakened immune system, allergies, and recurring infections! A child born to a mother with excess copper will have higher copper than their mother had when she was born and unless this pattern is broken, if that (female) child goes on to give birth to a baby girl, the copper excess becomes a CUMULATIVE GENERATIONAL PROBLEM! (a.k.a it gets bigger the further down the line you go). This can produce an epidemic of psychological and physical problems.

I believe this is partly responsible for the rates of learning difficulties and "ADD" (Attention Deficit Disorder) in society, plus those affected may experience aggressive & violent behaviour patterns, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, and face addiction problems later in life!!!

The body isn't born with a ‘pharmaceutical drug deficiency’ so administering these as 'treatment' is often just a band-aid solution that comes with side-effects. As an adult you can choose this method of ‘treatment’ (although there are better, more organic ways), but as a child, parents should first acknowledge that children are often quite resilient and can respond relatively quickly to mineral balancing. Adults may take a little longer as the problem is compounded by time & other issues, but everyone can gain benefit from investigating their mineral status and using whole foods & minerals to restore homeostasis.

If you think this could be you or your child, no matter where in the world you are, get in touch with me for a preliminary chat. A hair tissue mineral analysis along with certain blood tests your doctor can order may help shed some light on your situation.

Ref: Malter, R. (2003). The strands of health: a guide to understanding hair mineral analysis.

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