Fixing a sleepless night with EFT/Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – otherwise known as Tapping (used interchangeably). Some of you may know what EFT is already but for those who don’t, I’ll give you a brief description first before sharing with you how I used it last night when I was WIDE awake from 1am (after only 2 hours sleep) with an unhappy stomach and a racing mind.

EFT utilizes a set of tapping techniques whereby you literally ‘tap’ on specific areas of the body which work directly on your energy meridian points, much like acupuncture or acupressure does. Because it also works on emotional issues, it is also considered an emotional therapy, one which explores the mind-body connection . This combination can powerfully impact physical issues such as pain, or emotional issues such as trauma, and both at the same time.

Many people believe that all physical ailments have their roots in emotional disturbances and that by dealing with the underlying emotional issue, you can directly affect the physical issue. You don’t always need to explore emotional aspects when using tapping for physical symptoms, but not doing so can sometimes be the block that prevents longer-term respite or healing. Using EFT/Tapping on yourself is still effective, as I proved to myself again last night, but it is also possible that your higher-intelligence or ego is protecting you from being able to identify a specific emotional trauma or trigger as a way to protect you from further hurt. You know this is happening when you aren’t seeing the results from tapping that you were seeking, and this is where using a professionally trained practitioner will be beneficial. A good practitioner will be able to dig deeper and get past your sub-conscious blockages, drawing things out that you could not have drawn out on your own.

So that being said, here’s how I successfully used EFT last night.

Normally if I don’t sleep well, I have taught myself to at least be calm and relaxed, rather than get worked up about how I can’t sleep which serves only to make me more anxious. Allowing the body to at least rest, means you won’t be as tired or emotionally drained in the morning.

For some reason, last night was different as even though I tried, I could not relax or even lay still. Although I felt tired, I was totally wired. I’m sure some of you know that feeling, right?! Probably more than you wish you did. My stomach was also making weird noises and felt uneasy, and my mind was racing about all the worries I have going on right now. I tried writing things down to see if that would help. It didn’t. So, I went and got a small glass of warm milk to see if that would help. It didn’t. Then I remembered tapping!

First, I tapped on the physical symptoms (i.e tummy upset, wired but tired etc.), then as I tapped I realized I was also frustrated about this so I tapped on the frustration. As I was tapping on the frustration, things were coming up for me (topics from my racing mind) that were upsetting me so I tapped on those too. Recognizing when things come up for you during your tapping allows you to work through issues like peeling an onion - getting in to deeper layers.

After about 30 minutes, I stopped and took a few nice deep breaths. I began to notice my tummy sounds were changing from how they were the last few hours, and then I started to feel like I may even be able to just lay in the dark & ‘relax’, even if I can’t sleep. I call that progress!! But it didn’t end there. As the minutes tick by, I slowly began to drift back to sleep. Major progress!!!!

Even though it took me until about 5:30am to finally get back to sleep for an extra 2 hours, I reminded myself of the value of EFT in every-day life and every-day situations (next time I will remember to tap sooner!). It can be used for as small an issue as a ‘gurgley’ tummy, or as big an issue as major trauma. The latter of which I have had great success with too.

I hope you found this intriguing enough to at least explore a little bit more about this wonderful modality which addresses the stress of our lives that dis-regulates our minerals, and which is ultimately at the core of our symptoms. I find The Tapping Solution website a great resource as it has some learn to tap videos, as well as a few guided tapping sessions for the more common issues such as anxiety. Don’t be afraid to give EFT a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Check it out! 😊


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