Sluggish thyroid or hypothyroidism? Read on…….

You know that feeling when you have just slept 8-9 solid hours but within a couple of hours of waking up you feel this full-body exhaustion and can’t keep your eyes open? Or… when you feel completely shattered ALL day and want nothing more but to go back to bed yet, come bed time you feel totally wired and simply CANNOT sleep!? This earth-shattering, totally debilitating and constant fatigue was my experience during the earlier stages of my illness ~circa 2013-15.

During this period, my thyroid (blood) markers did not show up as being out of range. They were “normal”. It was really only later, when symptoms started to subside a little that they showed as being out of whack, So, it wasn’t until 2016 that my thyroid markers finally caught up to how I was feeling previously. This shows that blood markers are not always an accurate reflection of what is going on in the body at that time, and that there may also be a significant lag.

My most significant health improvements and reduction of symptoms came when I started to address my mineral dis-regulation by adopting a mineral balancing protocol called – The Root Cause Protocol in 2016. Since then, all my symptoms improved and whilst the fatigue would only re-appear sporadically, my thyroid markers were NOT improving.

Doctors were monitoring my levels but as they were not improving (even though my overall health was!), my last 2 GP’s wanted me to either take thyroid medication or desiccated thyroid to try manage it. I was not keen on either, and I know that neither of these things would address the underlying issue: Copper<>Iron dis-regulation!

Instead of agreeing to go on thyroid meds, I kept-on keeping-on with the mineral balancing, believing that it would correct itself sooner or later because I knew my thyroid wasn’t “broken”, it just wasn’t getting the support it needed to function optimally! I didn’t see the need to take a medication to artificially regulate it and besides, there is always a knock-on effect when taking meds. They all rob you of some nutrient, whether that be magnesium, bioavailable copper, B group vitamins etc…. and this sets the stage for further dis-regulation by the domino effect. If you MUST take meds, then you ESPECIALLY need to mineral balance AS WELL. You may even find that as a result, you can taper off those meds all together, given enough time.

So, here are my results that show my thyroid markers have finally caught up to how I feel, and they now reflect the actions of my 3-year commitment to managing my condition naturally through mineral balancing.

The results below are from my previous test in October 2018, and my new test done 11 July, 2019.

TSH was: 5.88 Now: 1.95 mIU/L

Free T4 was 11.0 Now: 12.1 pmo/L

Free T3 was 3.7 Now: 3.7 pmol/L

My understanding of ideal thyroid markers are this;

· That TSH should be towards the lower end of the range (0.40-3.50)️

· Free T4 around the top half of the range (9.0-19.0), and

· Free T3 at the top quarter of the range (2.6-6.0)

So, my markers are nearly back to ideal.... Happy Days! 🤸‍♀️🎉👌

Important things to remember about an unhappy thyroid:

· Adrenal fatigue PRECEDES thyroid issues. If you nurture your adrenals (with the proper balance of sodium, magnesium, potassium, and wholefood vitamin C (WFVC), you can heal the thyroid.

· Retinol (Vitamin A) is a 'VIP' when it comes to regulating the thyroid as contributes to the process of transporting thyroxine all through the body, as well as helping to regulate iron in the body. And in the words of Morley Robbins (the founder of the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook & creator of the Root Cause Protocol) "Please understand that there is NO “Thyroid Disease...” - There is ONLY Iron-induced Thyroid Dysfunction"

· WFVC provides bioavailable copper for the creation of the TPO enzyme (Thyroid Peroxidase).

· In managing the Copper<>Iron dis-regulation which burdens the liver, we free up the liver to allow the T4 to T3 conversion to happen.

Keep in mind that if we go solely by the blood markers in a lot of tests, we could make some unwise decisions for our health (iron infusions, anyone?). The true test is really in how you feel.

You can correct a thyroid imbalance by addressing nutrient imbalances which are what drive enzyme and hormone imbalances. You just have to be vigilant, be patient, and keep the faith!!

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