The implications of iron in diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke

High Ferritin (whilst not a good indicator of overall iron vitality) is a correlated marker to these diseases.

iron absorption can easily go awry in the body. Iron markers can even "appear" as low yet that only shows what is in circulation, not what is in storage in body tissues such as the liver, spleen, brain etc. Low iron blood markers don't always mean low!

Certain minerals & enzyme pathways can regulate this iron dysregulation, as can blood letting (donating blood, phlebotomy, Hijama/Wet cupping) and iron chelation.

It's staggering that with this knowledge doctors still PUSH iron supplements when we only need 1mg per day from food (1.5mg/day during pregnancy) as the rest is RECYCLED by the body. If it's not being recycled properly then adding more iron is not going to fix your problem, it's only going to add to the tissue storage! You need to fix the enzyme pathways with mineral metabolism.

This article is definitely worth a read!

"Is Iron the New Cholesterol"

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