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The Root Cause Protocol

  • Morley Robbins – “My Theory of Everything” video - addresses the pervasive issue of Iron Toxicity that underlies health issues...  >>click here 

  • Website for all things ‘Root Cause Protocol’ as developed by Morley...   >>click here

  • Morley Robbins – “So You’ve Been Told You’re Anaemic” – What they tell you about Anaemia is wrong. Here's why... >>click here                                   

  • Parts of the Root Cause Protocol - by Geoff Sato...  >>click here

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) / Tapping


  • Bruce Lipton – Tapping World Summit 2011 Interview (** A MUST WATCH) ...  >>click here

  • e-Motion – the movie trailer...  >>click here

  • The Tapping Solution - with Nick Ortner...  >>click here                      

  • Nick Ortner talks about How to Rewire the Brain with EFT - The Tapping Solution...   >>click here

  • EFT and Memory: The Role of the Limbic System in Trauma Storage By Craig Weiner, DC...   >>click here  

 Emotion Code & Body Code 


  • Learn the Secrets of Energy Healing for a Better Life By Dr Bradley Nelson...  >>click here  

  • Body Code...   >>click here                                                                                   

** If you are interested in doing some EFT, Emotion Code, or Body Code with a practitioner, get in touch with me as I can connect you to a few practitioners who conduct consults online and who are familiar with the Root Cause Protocol.



  • Iron Elephant: What You Should Know about the Dangers of Excess Body Iron, By Roberta Crawford. Published by Vida Pub (1993), ISBN 10: 0963254707 ISBN 13: 9780963254702 

  • Iron - The Most Toxic Metal (PDF), By Jym Moon PhD...  >>click here for PDF

  • Exposing the Hidden Dangers of Iron, By: E.D. Weinberg ISBN: 9781581823363
  • The Calcium Lie II, By: Kathleen Barnes and Robert Thompson MD ISBN: 9780988386655                
  • Nutrition and Physical Degeneration 8th Edition, By Weston A. Price ISBN-13: 978-0916764203, ISBN-10: 0916764206
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