Hair Tissue Mineral Test or HTMA - WHAT IS IT?


HTMA is a safe, non-invasive, and affordable pathology test measuring the levels and comparative ratios of more than 35 nutrient and toxic minerals found in hair. It is one of the most valuable screening tools revealing health information often not indicated in standard blood and urine tests.


A HTMA report provides the basis for understanding your individual metabolic pattern. From this report,  I am able to develop a detailed analysis which highlights the metabolic functions of the body along with important ratios of minerals governing the thyroid, adrenals, and immune system amongst others.

Suggested Blood Tests

Red Cell (RBC) Magnesium

Serum Copper
Plasma Zinc
Serum Ceruloplasmin

Iron studies (grouped together in one test)

  • Serum Iron

  • Transferrin

  • Total Iron-binding Capacity (TIBC)

  • Saturation %

  • Ferritin


Optional extras:

Calcitriol 1,25(OH) (Active Hormone D)
Calcidiol 25(OH) (Storage Hormone D)
Ionised Serum Calcium
Red Cell Potassium
Retinol (Vitamin A)


Your doctor may be able to order all/some of the above tests for you under Medicare/insurance as many of them are common tests. For a couple of the other less common tests you may need to order (and pay for) them privately.


If arranging blood tests privately in Australia, this can be done 2 ways;

  1. Ask your doctor to provide you with the pathology referral slip they normally use but you will be billed for the testing, or…

  2. For Australian residents - use a private firm to request a pathology slip to be sent to you – iMedical already has packages catered to the above mentioned testing. ** I suggest going for one of the packages MAG1, MAG2, or MAG3 (depending on your budget). Please note, if you are in Queensland there are separate packages for you (MAG1 QLD @ S+N and MAG2 QLD @ S+N)


For U.S. residents – You have a few options. These are 2 that I know of and they sometimes have ‘specials’ so check both;

  • Requestatest - has packages already grouped under ‘Magnesium Advocacy Group Testing’.  ** I suggest going for the Full Monty Iron Panel, or the Full Monty Iron Panel with Vitamin A & D.

  • Ultalabs - ** May not include Haemoglobin automatically so be sure to check.

For U.K. residents – you may be able to have tests run privately at the hospital, otherwise you can order the 'Morley Robbins Panel' from eurofinsbiomnisotherwise medichecks.


For Ireland - Bloodworks in Dublin - You will need to use a courier who takes private blood samples & I believe indn couriers will do this:  

New Zealand – try PathLab for DIY testing. A list of their tests and costs can be found here 


Canada – may have challenges as physicians may be reluctant to do them, and there may be restrictions on what you can arrange privately. You could try the following;

  • Lifelabs

  • Gamma Dynacare


  • Or try working with a naturopath who may be willing to arrange for you. This Naturopath - Dr Kim - has previously advised she can order the tests 


Other countries residents – please try to Google private pathology testing in your country. If you are unsure, please email me and I can see if I have any resources available.

Preparing for Blood Test
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